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I have years of experience in HTML and CSS - Web Development and Web Design, and is familiar with SQL and PHP. Platforms I've used were, Wordpress, Coppermine Photo Gallery, SMF Forums, and Joomla. Others have not been mentioned.

Multimedia Design Software and Apps

Past Projects


I do not have a career as a professional photographer. I originally started my photography in 2012 for the sole purpose of stock photos for my web designs. image I later widen my photography interest into nature as well people. For the most part, my photography will never be used on a huge scale for portrait photography. I am still active with stock photography for selling and have no current intentions of changing this choice I've made. I am experienced in photo enhancements such as high-end retouching as well manipulation. If you are interested in photo enhancements, please use my Instagram handle to contact me. I will never enhance blurry photos. I have no AI capabilities for that.


After spending years on my computer, using a mouse instead of a graphics pen, inside of Photoshop creating celebrity desktop wallpapers, fansite headers/banners, managing fansite forums, creating avatar/icons, I decided to try my hand at what I use to do years ago that I wasn't so excellent at. Drawing on paper as well digitally is not just something I love to do now, it has become therapeutic for me.image The year of 2019 is when I decided to allow myself to work outside of a computer and mouse. Drawing with a pencil and an iPad pencil both have the pros and cons to what I was so comfortable doing before. I will be sharing content in the near future on this website of my art journey. If you are interested in sending feedback, please contact me via Instagram. I am open to all ideas and will take them into consideration. I love variety. Variety is what you will see here. I do use references and will display credit with the content shared here. None of the work I share is for sale or to be used outside of my accounts without consent. Thank you for respecting my work.

Why Keigirl?

There is one simple reason as to where the name derived for me. I became KeiGirl unintentionally. I was searching for an email username years ago for Lakeitha, my first name, and of course that wasn't available. I tried using Keitha instead. Keitha is what I am always called by family and friends. And of course I could not snag a username with the name Keitha alone. image This is when Keigirl formed. I was so frustrated after trying many of other names before I went back to Keitha and added the word "girl" behind it. This was simply because I am a girl. I am not too fond of using various names on social media. Most of my social media can be found with the same username tag "keigirl." The most common platforms I use the keigirl username are on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and many more that are developer/designer/misc related.

IG: Follow @keigirl

image I am currently socially active on the Instagram platform only for the year of 2020. There will be no new content for access here in 2020. Visit back in 2021 for new content. Thank you for visiting this site.

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