Personal Photo Gallery

Family will forever be a part of our lives--while they live and after they've passed on. Live, laugh, and love one another. A small, personal "family" photo gallery for public viewing...
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Web Design

I specialize in commercial and non-commercial web design, web development, vector design, Android themes: Go SMS Pro, social media headers, banners, covers, avatars, icons, and backgroubds, blogs and forum themes, and lots more!
Visit my Lush Trend Designs website.
You can also download Go SMS Pro themes on Lush Trend Design's Google Play page...
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Social Media

I am on social media @ Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, Google + , and other social media sites with the same name (KeiGirl) - Mozilla, LinkedIn, Delicious, Vimeo, Redditt, Livejournal, Fotki, Soundcloud, and Periscope. If you do not see a social media listed on my website, chances are, the particular media account does not belong to me--as I am not the only person on the internet with the username "KeiGirl". My username comes from part of my first name: Keitha. My PSN (Playstation Network Name): KeiKei-00.